Friday, 2 June 2017

Review ¦ Pat Pure Cosmetics

Hello Lovelies!

It's official! I have finished my degree in PR forever and I am back writing for you lovely lot!

So to kick the new posts off, I thought I'd give you my thoughts on some beautiful scents I was gifted by Pat Pure Cosmetics.

Pat Pure Cosmetics is a small company based in London run by Patrick Townsend. The company uses FM (Frederico Mahora) World's renowned beauty products that allow Patrick to profit from them individually. This system allows Pat Pure to exist as an indpendent business sell to their own clients - namely me!

Although Patrick sells a variety of cosmetics and scents for men and women, I was instantly attracted their extensive range of perfumes and perfumed waters in their Luxury Collection.

Not only is this range large with a variety of scents, but it is also more concentrated and will, therefore, last longer than normal eau de toilettes - without breaking the bank!

I will be reviewing two perfumes from the Luxury Collection - FM149 and FM317.

So, without further 'ado, let's get into the perfumes!

FM 149 (Parfum, 50ml)

FM 149

The Bottle: Beautiful white to green gradient with silver text and logo. Tall yet compact bottle - perfect for the on-the-go girl!

The Scent: This perfume is described by Pat Pure as 'joyful and sensual' and I have to agree. With heady notes of white tea and a vanilla base note this perfume is perfect for one of those sensual date nights or a holiday romance! It made me think about candlelit dinners and smooth jazz with its musky tones. Definitely one I'll be wearing again!

Staying Power: Lasted almost all day when I put it on in the morning. As noted before, it's more of a night perfume and with that in mind it would definitely last!

FM 317 (Parfum, 50ml)
FM 317

The Bottle: A bit bigger than the previous perfume, square bottle in a pale orange shade. More of a dresser piece than an on-the-go bottle.

The Scent: This perfume is described as 'sensual and seductive' and perfect for women who enjoy fruity scents. The heart notes of this perfume are raspberry and peach - both sweet scents that really shine through. I would say this is perfect for day-to-day wearing as the scent can be manipulated for any occasion.

Staying Power: Lasted all day from when I applied it - smell stayed strong! This perfume was my ultimate favourite so I'm glad it lasted so long!


If you're interested in trying these delicious perfumes why not visit Patrick's Facebook Page? 

Or his page on the FM website?

Hope you enjoy this post - hopefully will do some more perfume posts soon!

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