Friday, 7 October 2016

How to choose a dissertation focus;

Hello my lovely, lovely blog!!

You missed me?

I know I've been on a summer hiatus but I am finally back and better than ever!

So just to keep you updated I've got lots of stuff to tell you about;

  • I've turned twenty.
  • I've gotten myself an internship in fashion journalism (yay!)
  • I'm headed back to university to complete my third year.
Now, I'm sure you know that in third year, you have to complete a dissertation. A dissertation is a large piece of work which can be up to 12,000 words long (wow!), and counts for a lot of your final grade. For me, it's the work I have been dreaded since enrolling in first year. 

But recently, since the dreaded module is getting closer and closer, I've really started looking into my topics and have actually chosen one which I reveal later in the year!

So I thought I'd give you some tips on how to choose a focus for your dissertation...

Do your research

Make sure you research your potential topics to make sure there's plenty of material available about the topic. There's nothing worse than getting passionate about an idea and finding out there's no literature to support it.

Make sure you're interested in the topic

Choose something which ideally, has a lot of literature about it AND that you're really passionate about. Your dissertation is your own study and requires a lot of time and effort so ensure you can be interested in the topic for at least eight months - even though you'll probably hate it by the end. 

Speak to your tutors

If you're still stuck on what you should do for your dissertation, try talking to a tutor about your strengths and interests regarding your topic. My tutor was a huge help when choosing my subject, and gave me lots of information about how to shape my study. 

Start early

I cannot stress this enough! If you have to do interviews or your own research, please start early and get yourself sorted so you aren't panicking at each deadline. I've already started my reading for my lit review and suggest you do too. 

Hopefully you'll take my advice and I hope choosing your topic is a breeze!

Thanks for reading, 

Joanna x

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