Friday, 5 February 2016

How I wrote my PR CV;

Hello Lovelies!

I'm back into the swing of things at uni, and I'm ready to secure my future with a degree in Public Relations!

I'm already thinking about my dissertation and looking into PR firms for placement and I have gotta say, I cannot wait for this degree to be done and have the ability and knowledge to get a job.

Now, to get a job, you need a CV.

A CV has the task of telling your potential employer your education, skills, achievements and personality in 1-2 pieces of A4. You've also gotta make yours stand out among the crowd - another thing that's hard to do. So I've found out the perfect formula (for me) for writing a PR CV.

NB: This is not fact, this is my opinion...please don't blame me if you don't get the job.

1. Work Experience

Now, everyone knows that it's good to have work experience. But in a PR CV, work experience is what can set you apart from everyone Try and get experience in work places that are within your field of interest, for example, I enjoy lifestyle, fashion and beauty PR so that's the field I focused on.

2. Get writing

Any published work that they can look at is a great way of assessing your technique and in some cases, following up on those work experience claims. The more work you get published the better! I also think it helps you master writing skills that you need to write those all important press releases!
Another thing employers like is BLOGS! I mean, I'm biased blog has gotten me so far within this industry already and I've only had it a year! Imagine the possibilities!

Also SPELLING. Please grammar and spell check your CV before you send it!

3. Summary

There is nothing worse than a long-winded, uninteresting summary. This is your chance to show your potential employers your personality and any interests you have. My boyfriend has the summary for CV's down to a science so he's influenced mine definitely, so thanks Ell for getting rid of my waffling and helping me get a CV I'm proud of!

You can check out my current CV at my LinkedIn. Connect with me if you fancy :P

So, that's what I think makes a great PR CV, and hopefully some of you have gotten some use outta this.

Again, I'm not a pro yet so please don't take my word as law!

Thanks for reading,


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