Monday, 7 December 2015

Blogmas #7: Christmas Recipes - the perfect hot chocolate!

Hello Lovelies, and welcome to Blogmas #7!

Today's post is for the hot beverage/DIY lovers out there!

I'm going to teach out how to make the perfect hot chocolate gift for someone you love this Christmas!

What you're going to need:

For the jar
A small jar (I got mine from HobbyCraft but you used a clean jam jar)
Decoration - ribbons, sequins, glitter, stickers, whatever you fancy!
Festive coloured card (for the tag)
Organza bag

For the drink
Hot chocolate powder
Powdered milk (optional)
Peppermint/Orange flavouring (optional)
Biscuits/Christmas chocolate/flake


1.) Decorating the jar.

For this I'm giving you completely free reign to decorate. I covered mine in glittery stars and a tartan ribbon to give it a festive feeling. You can dip the lid in glitter, cover the outside in fake snow - anything!

To make the tag:

Cut out a small tag shape out of the coloured card, again this can be any colour, and then cut out a smaller tag shape so you can write on it. This can be where you write your Christmas message to the recipient and you can decorate this as well.

You can also attach a little bag of treats - there are Santa chocolates on sale in Home Bargains!

2.) Making the hot chocolate mix.

For this I'm using Cadburys drinking chocolate powder and a bottle of peppermint flavouring by Dr.Oetker. If you're not using flavouring, I suggest putting some foil wrapped chocolate where I am placing the bottle.

Fill the jar halfway with drinking powder this should roughly make about 2-3 mugs of hot chocolate from your gift. Add a layer on granulated sugar on top of this, about 3-4 level teaspoons, you don't want to make it too sweet!

On top of the sugar layer, add a thin layer of marshamallows/chocolate chips/crushed flake/whole biscuit to finish!

There you have it!

Your own personal homemade Hot Chocolate gift!

Send me pictures and tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading,


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