Friday, 11 December 2015

Blogmas #11: Who am I?

Hello Lovelies!

Sorry this post isn't Christmassy but recently I have been getting the feeling that my blog is starting to be more about quantity rather than quality, a trap I really didn't want to fall into, but alas here we are.

I love writing content and want to do it for a career someday but currently I feel like my posts are lacking substance and to be honest, are just not 'me' anymore.

Maybe I've just grown up and changed the way I see things, maybe I'm just honing my craft a little more...who knows?

Here's a few things I've noticed recently:

  • I'm very interested in feminist literature and journalism, and I'm becoming more and more transfixed everyday. 

  • I'm also starting to realise the world isn't all perfect and that there is more bad in the world than I could have ever comprehended - although there is also some good too.

  • I hate Facebook and only use it as a form of communication/promotion. I'm sick of seeing pregnant people and racists down my timeline.

  • I am terrified of becoming a mother one day. I think I'll write a post on that at some point but I thought you should all know in advance. (No I'm not pregnant) 

  • I have very little passion for university at the moment.

I am changing and growing everyday and I'm hoping the blog will change too. Hopefully you will all enjoy the changes and follow my journey through the wonderful thing we call life.

Thanks for reading, 


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