Thursday, 10 December 2015

Blogmas #10: Favourite Christmas Movies!

Hello Lovelies!

Today's post is going to be about my favourite Christmas Movies - and there are a few, so let's get cracking!
1.) The Grinch

This is probably my all time favourite Christmas film. I mentioned it in my Christmas Tag that I find it really heartwarming because it's more about love than gifts. I also love the character of The Grinch - he's hilarious and so relatable.

2.) Elf

"I'm in a store and I'm singing!"

The funniest thing most wonderful Christmas film. I love Will Ferrell and he makes me feel so full of joy when I watch this movie.

3.) The Santa Claus Movies

Again, this is a very funny franchise, I also love that it's message is "Seeing is believing, believing is seeing" - something that really resonated with me when I was a kid. The reindeer are also very funny.

4.) Home Alone

Only the ones with Macaulay Culkin in. He was comedy gold as a child and these films are the perfect thing to watch with the family, especially because my Dad really likes them.

5.) Love Actually

Such a wonderfully clever and romantic film. It's got most of my favourite actors in it and some really great messages for people.

So there we have it guys, my favourite Christmas films!

Do we have any matching? We should all just watch films together!

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