Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blogmas #1: My Advent Calendar!

Hello Lovelies!

And welcome to the start of Blogmas 2015! I'm so looking forward to doing this countdown with you all and can't believe how close it is to the big day!

My first post, I decided would have to tell you how I will be counting down to Christmas!

My Advent Calendar:

My advent calendar, a Me to You chocolate calendar from Home Bargains (student remember!) it cost 89p - a huge bargain! I could have bought two!

I decided to get this cute advent calendar because I feel like one of the only times you can be a child, is at Christmas, and so little advents for kids are the best!

Kinnerton make really good advent calendars and their chocolate tastes so good!

We also have fabric ones at home which I love and will try to get photographs of!

Hope you liked hearing about my advent calendar, if you wanna follow me doing Christmassy things then follow my snapchat which is: joanna_prgirl where you can follow my adventures - both christmassy and student!

Thanks for reading!


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