Wednesday, 18 November 2015

My new Style Addiction + Giveaway!

Hello Lovelies!

As you know I'm always scouring the web for great deals (student life) and I recently found a new brand that I absolutely adore! Luxemme is a clothing website based in Manchester and their clothes are to die for!

If, like me, you're a big fan of skater dresses, Luxemme is definitely the place to go and stock up! Luxemme have a real talent for taking staple items like skater dresses and adding subtle little design details to make them extra special. Go and take a look at the range, trust me you won't be disappointed by all the gorgeous dresses!

They also have some beautiful dresses and jumpsuits in store which are perfect for a night out or a glamorous evening. I can't wait to do some shopping and try everything on!

Now, on to the Giveaway...

I have teamed up with Luxemme to bring my loyal fans and subscribers some Christmas cheer this year, by giving you the opportunity to get your own £15 Christmas vouchers!

I realise that many people throughout the UK who are less fortunate than most and who struggle to give away as many gifts as they’d like to. So I thought I would help share the love and pass on this amazing offer to all of you who may be struggling this time of year!

The vouchers can be customised with the receiver’s name, and can therefore make really lovely presents, stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts.

All you have to do is follow then on social media and then follow this link to order your free Christmas vouchers today, which get posted out to you for free! Also don't forget to follow their social media accounts for more information about their exclusive offers and new clothing!

Facebook - /Luxemme
Twitter - @luxemme
Instagram - @luxemmeuk

Hopefully this will give you all the chance to put a few extra smiles on a few extra faces this Christmas, and in helping Luxemme to share these vouchers, you’d be spreading your own bit of Christmas cheer - and that's what it's all about really isn't it?!

Thanks for reading guys!


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