Saturday, 28 November 2015

Goals I want to reach by the end of 2015:

Hello Lovelies!

So today's post is going to be about my goals that I would like to complete by the end of 2015 - which is 33 days away...

Of course these goals are only going to be small but it would mean the absolute world to me if you guys could help these goals be reached!

1.) Get to 500 followers on Twitter.

I am currently on 476 followers (my twitter is @joanna22x), so an extra 24 would get me up there to my goal!

2.) Get to 10,000 views on the blog.

I'm currently just below 9,000 at the moment so 10,000 is in sight. I still can't believe that people read my blog posts and that some of you come back for more - I'm flattered!

Hopefully both of these things are doable and I will be having a celebratory drink or seven if they all come true - fingers crossed!

Please show my blog to anyone you think would be interested! It would mean the world to me to start 2016 on a positive note!

Thanks for reading,


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