Monday, 23 November 2015

7 things that I need when I'm sick;

Hello Lovelies!

Today's post is random because I woke up at 5am in a cold sweat, with stomach ache and a terribly sore throat, which could only mean one thing: I'm sick.

I rarely get sick, but when I do it's always bad and usually consists of me moaning to my friends and sleeping all day until the sickness passes.

So today I decided that I'd compile a list of things I need when I feel like death for future reference by anyone who gets stuck looking after me on a day like today (Mum, Elliot and Caroline - this is mainly for you guys!) So here is seven things that will save me from illness:

1. Warmth.
You know when you get asked those 'Would you rather?' questions when you're the last ones standing at 3am at someone's house party? The ones were they'd ask, 'Would you rather be too hot or too cold?' - my answer would be too hot everytime. I live for a warm bed, soft blankets, a hot water bottle and a cup of tea. Keeping warm is so essential to me, that I have actually been known to sit against radiators rather than in an armchair. Being warm makes me feel better and can help with any cramps or aches you have while poorly.

2. Water
Elliot constantly tells me that I need to drink more water and since this weekend I am now sporting the tell-tale red line of chapped lips - I hate to admit he's right. Water is the best way to keep your body hydrated and can flush out any bad toxins that are in your system. If you get bored of the taste you can always try it with a bit of lemon or cucumber.

3. Pampering
Sometimes I don't have the capacity to pamper myself when I'm ill but if you're mobile, then a pamper session can go a long way on the road to recovery. Massages and rubs are good for aches and pains and I suggest a cooling face mask from Superdrug's face mask line, scented candles and maybe even a relaxing foot massage - if you're so lucky!

4. Medicine
That goes without saying. Sometimes sickness goes away on its own, but most of the time a painkiller can be a god sent. Of course, you should always be read the labels of your medicine to ensure you aren't putting yourself in danger.

5. Food
If you can swallow something other than water (unlike me) then having some plain, dry food can help your body get some nutrients it has lost. Dry toast was a firm staple in my poorly diet when I was a kid, but I know people who eat crackers, pasta and rice to make them feel better.

6. TV
Youtube, Netflix and BBC iPlayer are my best friends at the moment, especially because I have no television. I love watching vloggers such as WahlieTV, Tanya Burr and anything else I find funny (llamas with hats spring to mind). I also like watching movies as they are a great distraction for me and my poorlyness.

7. Sleep
Sleep can help so much. Napping when you're ill can help your body heal itself and you can catch up on all the sleep you missed throwing up and crying about your headache. In fact I'm going to sleep now...

Hopefully this will give you fellow poorly people an idea of how you can get better!

Also on a side note, my first posts are going to be published onto My Liverpool Life in the next week! Check out their website

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