Wednesday, 7 October 2015

#WeekofWomen First Birthday Celebrations!

Hello Lovelies!

As a way of celebrating Diary of a PR Girl's first birthday, I decided to ask some fellow bloggers and talented friends to write some pieces for my blog in a segment I entitled, 'Week of Women'.

I decided on this title because I wanted to highlight my female contemporaries and their talent and passion for their work, by asking them to write whatever they wanted and giving them the confidence to put a piece of work out there. I want to help the blogging community and give something back after their hospitality over this amazing year as a blogger.

In the mix there are PR students, bloggers, friends and some of my favourite people and I hope you enjoy all their stories as much as I have.

Please let me know you're reading these posts by using the hashtag #weekofwomen on Twitter and retweeting anything about strong empowering women and if it takes off, who knows maybe I will try this segment again!

Thanks for reading,


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