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Week of Women: Ten reasons I love Halloween!

Hello Lovelies!

We're kicking off the #WeekofWomen posts with something to fit the season! This post is written by my good friend and PR colleague, Beth Pritchard-Jenkins, about why she sees Halloween as one of the best times of the year!

I hope you enjoy, over to you Beth!

Hi Guys!

As everyone is aware, Halloween is only a few weeks away and I personally cannot wait! Second to Christmas, it is by far my favourite time of the year and here are a few reasons why...

1.) Dressing Up:

Naturally, Halloween would not be Halloween without dressing up in 'scary' costumes!
Whether you're playing it safe and going for the classic girly Cat look or you go all out and decide to scare her neighbours as a zombie, there is no denying that having a dress up is so much fun. Although as student the budget is going to be tight but you can easily create a great outfit with some old clothes and a bit of fake blood without needing to break the bank by shopping online!

2.) Make up:

Last year I was saved by Halloween make up tutorials when I had to create a zombie look last minute! There are hundreds to choose from and I love playing around with dark lipsticks and eyeshadows to create that spooky hollowed eye look and let's not forget that Halloween is the perfect time to try out coloured contacts! My favourite kind are the white outs, which make any look even scarier.

3.) Pumpkin Carving

Most people will remember doing this as a kid at home or at school, where you picked out the perfect pumpkin to carve a spooky face into. But nowadays you don't have to do a face, you could write a message to scare your trick or treaters on the doorstep!

4.) Sweets

Almost all of the sweets and chocolates in the shop at the moment have Halloween images on them and it's the perfect time to stock up on 'trick or treat' sized variety packs. Even though buying sweets is a but of a luxury for budgetting students, there is always some discounts treats to take advantage of! I am a huge fan of toffee apples covered in sprinkles!

5.) Scary Movies

Personally, I can never watch a scary movie alone so I always arrange for a group of friends to come over and join me. It's the perfect excuse for a catch up or a girly night in with popcorn, chocolate and a pillow to hide behind!
If you're into gore then the SAW series is the perfect choice, and if you're into something a bit more thrilling then Amityville Horror is a must watch!

6.) Ghost Stories

Ever since I was little, my uncles have always told me ghost stories about my grandparent's house which used to be quite frightening and I'm sure most people remember older cousins or siblings telling them stories late at night which would stop you from sleeping! It's quite a scary tradition, but it wouldn't be Halloween without it!

7.) Trick or treating

Don't let anyone tell you that trick or treating is just for kids! Not only does it mean ridiculous amounts of free sweets, but it's the perfect excuse to dress up and get out the house to meet the neighbours you don't normally speak to. Too many people have no idea who they live next too so this is a great way to break the ice. Although I don't recommend playing any tricks on people you live near!

8.) Decorations

Living as part of a student house, there is no excuse for missing events like Christmas, Halloween and New Years and there's an unwritten rule the whole house must be decorated! It's really fun to get everyone together with fake spiders, skeletons and cobwebs and start getting into the Halloween party spirit. I love decorating the front of the house as well as the inside, lighting up the doorstep with carved pumpkins for the perfect finishing touch.

9.) Parties

Halloween would not be complete without a good party or night out! You can always go and have drinks at a friend's house before you go out to save some money, and some bars do dscounted drinks for this occasion!
There are also lots of competitions and games to be won, so when getting ready - the spookier the better!

10.) Halloween specials

Everyone has a favourite TV/Netflix series we just can't stop watching. Whether it's Pretty Little Liars or Made in Chelsea (I'm hooked on both!), they always do a Halloween special around this time of year often ending in a cliff hanger! No matter what my plans are I definitely won't be missing any!

Thanks to Joanna for asking me to participate in #WeekofWomen and thanks to all of you for reading!

Beth Pritchard-Jenkins

Edge Hill University, Year 2 Public Relations

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