Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Week of Women: Jennifer Lawrence's Pay Gap Essay ¦ My Opinion

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It's my turn to have a go at writing a post for Week of Women, I hope you all missed me...you did right guys?

I decided that my post today is about one of my favourite actresses whose article that featured in on line publication Lenny Letter has prompted an uprising of questions and support about the gender pay gap issue.

Jennifer Lawrence's letter, which hit Lenny subscriber's inboxes last Tuesday, explains the actress's feelings about the documents that were released in a Sony hack, that highlighted Lawrence was being paid significantly less for the work than 'the lucky people with dicks' - her male co stars.

Her letter became front-page news and was applauded my feminists worldwide for her unapologetic outlook and dismissal of the 'adorable' approach. What I'm sure everyone will agree is, she really wasn't happy.

With support from Sienna Miller and male co-star Bradley Cooper, Lawrence's efforts are seeming to catch the attention of the press - but will they really affect change in the industries, where men are still being paid more than their female colleagues?

According to an article in the Guardian last year, research shows that female bosses still make 35% less money than male counterparts, 35%! That's over a quarter less!

A woman, who is in the same job as a man, doing the same amount of hours, writing the same words, attending the same meetings, making the same contribution by fulfilling her job title, should be making JUST AS MUCH as a man.There is no way on this Earth that people can convince me that this pay gap is alright. It's not alright.

It is appalling to me that in I am in education right now, to be trained as equal to my male colleagues and at the end of it, my job may make me 3/4 of their salary because I was born with XX chromosomes. To me that is saying 'You clearly didn't try hard enough' or 'I guess you're not doing a good job'.

After reading Jennifer's letter, I stopped thinking that.

I believe I work just as hard as any man I know. I will strive to fulfil my potential because that is what my job will be, and at the end of the month I expect to see the same numbers going into my bank account.

I applaud Jennifer Lawrence for demanding a change openly and for those of you who believe she is being greedy, I implore you to read that letter. I believe that women have become afraid of their 'feminism' because of how the 'feminists' these days portray themselves. Feminists believe in equality girls, they don't hate men, they just want to be able to have the same amount of the pie without being called 'spoiled brats'.

I hope that companies look to this article as a starting point and begin to assess the fairness of the practices they apply and I hope one day I can look at my payslip with a smile knowing I've earned as much as my counterparts because I'm doing my job.

Women have as much right to their own money and their own equality as any man on this planet and I don't think Emily Wilding Davison threw herself under a horse for this.

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