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Week of Women: In my PR lecture | Q&A

Hello Lovelies!

Today's post in written by Faridah, PR & Marketing student and blogger at . She's going to tell you all what it's really like in the PR Room at our university and some brilliant questions that most fresher's want answered before they start their degree...Over to you Faridah!

Hey Lovelies!

I am Faridah from
Hope you are all having a fab week!

I am so honoured that Joanna has chosen me and some of her other friends to be a part of this and I hope you all enjoy reading this post!

I have decided to make this a Q&A post. I also hope it helps some of you who are planning to study PR!

Let's get started!

What module are you studying at the moment?

I am studying 'PR campaign' and so far we are learning how to plan and implement aspects of campaign. We also had a lecture on feature writing today because our first assessment is mostly based on that topic

What tasks do you do in class?
Right now we get given a task the week before, so we can research and prepare for the next seminar group presentation. The task is always on campaigns and we get to analyse it and present our research to our peers.

How do you present? 

We basically just write all our researched points on a sheet of paper or a bigger sheet so it easier for us to all chip in and explain why we chose to put this example for our tactics or why we chose this media coverage and so on.

Do you have to know how to write a certain way in PR?

This is why we have all these seminar sessions because they really help you to improve in your verbal and written communication skills so I wouldn’t worry too much when starting this course. Also the best thing to do is always ask your tutor for more tasks so you can be able to practise more in your own time.
Do you get reading homework? 

My tutor always recommend books, articles & journals that she thinks will be good for our assessments or just general knowledge that will help us with future tasks. Basically it is not really a homework but it is something you can read in our own study time. P.s I would advise you to definitely read them.
Tell us one thing you love about your PR class? 

I love working in a group because I get to learn new things.

What do you need to do for your first assessment? 

The first assessment is based on feature writing but our first task is to interview a PR practitioner on a recent campaign he or she has been responsible for, by asking questions on the campaign journey and end success.

That is everything! If you want to ask more questions comment below! And I will try my best to answer your question. Thank you to Joanna for having me on her blog and hopefully I will be doing more guest posts for her in the future! She is also welcome to be a guest on my blog anytime!


Faridah Ijaiya
2nd Year PR & Marketing Student 
Edge Hill University << Check it out now!! 

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