Thursday, 15 October 2015

Once Upon a Scream: Perfect for Halloween!

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Last week, I got the chance to catch up with one of my favourite make up artists, Nicole Taylor, who's YouTube channel 'Once Upon a Scream' is becoming more popular by the day. Her tutorials include SFX, and help viewers create interesting and sometimes disturbing makeovers, so with Halloween coming up, I couldn't not ask her a few questions...

Cole, would studies Specialist Hair and Media Make up at Birmingham City University, started her channel as a way of documenting her SFX make up tutorials, and helping her gain confidence in herself while filming the tutorials. When I asked her what made her want to study make up she said;

"Ive always been interested in how make up can transform someone. I started playing around with the beauty side of makeup but it wasn't enough for me. I stumbled across SFX makeup when I was watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, I started playing around with household products and kind of fell in love with it. I knew this was what I wanted to do as soon as I started playing around and transforming myself into characters. So I searched courses on it and that's how I am doing what I love today."

From a Tim Burton style Cinderella to a Woodland Nymph, Cole has created several masterpieces, while being creative and interesting throughout. But which is her favourite?

" My favourite piece on my channel would have to be the Woodland Nymph tutorial. It was so simple to create but I just love the fact that I had completely transformed myself."

She also has plenty of brilliant advice for budding SFX make up artists and aspiring Youtubers.

"For those budding make up artists out there, I have something I wish I knew back when I started out. You don't need the best or most expensive equipment to define how good you are as an artist. Start of with your basic household items like Cotton Pads and buy some cheap latex, Trust me you can do a lot with those things. For the budding Youtubers, all I can say is don't let negative comments stop you from what you're doing. Ignore the trolls and haters and don't feed them attention. Just be yourself and people will begin to respect you as an artist."

So Cole, what advice can you give us for Halloween outfits and make up? 

"For Halloween you need to just think outside the box, let your imagination run wild. Make an effort to stand out from the crowd. But most importantly just remember to have fun with it!

Halloween is my favourite time of year, I nearly started screaming when I saw the Halloween decorations being put out in the shops! I am a little bit of a Halloween Hoarder (anything related to the holiday I have to have it.)"

 That all sounds great! Do you have any special plans for the spooky season? 

"My favourite thing about Halloween is decorating the house, all the family carving pumpkins together and being able to transform my friends and family into what ever creature/casualty they want to be for the night.
For the cool plans well we normally celebrate Halloween for 2 days as my birthday is the day before it so we just end up getting dressed up and watching classic horror films. As of yet I have no plans for Halloween night but I am hoping that will change."

I will definitely be checking out Once upon a Scream for any Halloween tips and tricks!

You can watch all Cole's Tutorials on Youtube at the link below and follow her on Twitter at @Onceuponascream 

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