Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A PR technique we shouldn't forget;

Hello Lovelies!

Today's post is about PR (I know it's been a while) as it's been brought to my attention recently that there are PR students reading my blog, and I think it's time to give them a little more information about our industry, and how easy it is to forget things.

Now, we live in a technological age where most things we do end up on a computer screen, I mean you're reading this right now on your smartphone or laptop, while watching Netflix or Skyping your mother for the fifth time today (we get it, you miss her). You can spend your day/night/life looking at the screen, learning new things, watching podcasts and sharing videos of cats doing funny things on Facebook. We all seem to be addicted to whatever the App Store has brought out this month.

PR is no exception. Since we are in the promotional business, PR in this modern age seems to be following the technology train and launching all their campaigns on social media. Everywhere I look recently is promotion and, whether it's through Twitter or Instagram, we can all admit that it seems to be working.

However it really troubles me to no end when I hear of bright-eyed first years, glued to their iPhones, discussing how they would plan a campaign for middle-aged labourers in Merseyside, by running a hashtag on Twitter.

Of course, they aren't addressing their audience correctly and sadly seem to be forgetting that social media isn't the only way of getting to an audience and I am here to say, dear readers, do not forget the traditional press outlets!


In small campaigns, traditional press can be used to entice local consumers to an event or towards a product - and even in national campaigns, newspapers are still used, so don't forget it when planning your campaign.

All of these outlets are still valid in this day and age, but it seems that younger PR practitioners are deciding to throw all their promotional eggs into the social media baskets as it were. I am guilty of forgetting about these traditional outlets and I am here to stop you lovely students making the same mistakes. Traditional press is still very helpful and can still reach your audience.

So here's your homework;

  • Learn the difference between tabloids and broadsheets.
  • Think about life outside the social media bubble - I know it's hard!
  • Research other techniques on how to promote products!
  • Don't forget about social media, but don't use it for everything!

Hope this helps you all!

Thanks for reading, 


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