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A night in Bistro Franc:

Hello Lovelies!

For those of you doing the long distance relationship dance, you know that spending time with your significant other is fleeting and so you have to do some really fun and interesting things together in order to make sure your time together is well spent. For some this is a time to lie in bed and watch Netflix, to play games on the Xbox, or go out and get blind drunk, stumbling home together at 4am.

My favourite thing to do with Elliot is eat. We like to eat everything and anything and try new things together. Now I adore French food, the bread, the wine, the calories that I don't care about...everything I eat while dining au Francais is delicious and for me, guilt-free. Elliot had never really tried French food so I looked for a restaurant in my area (Liverpool) and made sure they served steak, in case he didn't like it and booked a table at Bistro Franc.

Part of the Bistro Qui? restaurant chain, Bistro Franc is settled beautifully on the corner of Hanover Street, just around the corner from Liverpool One, and down the road from both Lime Street and Central stations so if you're visiting for the day there's not a huge trek for good food.

When you walk through the doors you are at first amazed at how large it is compared to its front, with a beautiful stair case to upper level tables and a gorgeous brasserie-style bar as a welcoming reception. There tables are small and close together, a wonderful feature they have taken from authentic bustling Paris and brought to Merseyside.

We were seated by a wonderfully friendly hostess, who I joked with about my surname on the reservation (it looks made up, I know), as she took us to our window seat. The atmosphere was incredible for a Saturday night, although everyone was talking you could still have a conversation without having to shout, a feature we both really enjoyed as it gave us time to catch up.

The decoration is fabulous with old Parisienne posters on the walls including a favourite of mine, Le Chat Noir and there is an columns covered in old style newspapers print, giving the whole place a shabby-chic feel. The lights are almost dim, which give the place a romantic feel, another trait we adored.

Now, let's get to the reason you go to a restaurant - the food.

We ordered a bottle of Chenin Blanc, a beautiful South African wine and nibbled on complimentary bread as we waited for our meal. The waitresses were very attentive and our food has brought out in good time, especially for a busy Saturday night!

From Horseradish baked Salmon to Pan fried frog's legs, everything come out tasting delicious and looking divine, which each meal being accompanied by a skillet of mixed vegetables and creamy potato dauphinoise. Elliot went for the Lamb and was impressed the taste and the overall cooking of the meal and I was in heaven with my salmon, which was served with a side of cabbage laced with chillis and apricot (amazing!)

We also ordered two sides dishes; mackerel pate and pan fried frog's legs. Both were delicious and yes, frog's legs taste just like chicken!

Unfortunately we were so full from the amazing main that we couldn't have dessert, although I'm sure it would be just as great as the rest!

We cannot wait to visit and sample even more of their ever changing menu!

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