Friday, 18 September 2015

Role Model Week: Carey Mulligan (2)

Hello Lovelies!

It's finally Friday and the weekend is almost upon us! Now while I lie around my flat nursing the hangover I got from Bongo's Bingo last night (post about that coming soon) I thought I'd add to my role model week which I started until life got in the way.

My next role model comes in the form of a beautifully British actress who has appeared in several of my favourite films including, Never Let Me Go and The Great Gatsby. She is also starring in critically acclaimed Suffragette which is coming out in October (I cannot wait).

I admire her because she fully understands her characters (which are usually based in famous literature) and during interviews you can tell how hard she works. She inspires me to see films as art, not always for entertainment, sometimes using the platform for a message.

Not only is she a brilliant actress but she has also bagged herself Marcus Mumford (fair play lass).

I hope to see her in many upcoming films, and I know Suffragette is going to be such a success and is going to strike a chord with women everywhere.

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