Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Role Model Week: Caitlin Moran (1)

Hello Lovelies!

Hopefully you've all checked out my new journalism blog (link will be below) and this I'd like to talk to you about women who inspire me daily - my role models if you will.

I have always enjoyed learning about strong women in history and women who , in my opinion, have mastered their craft quite well. I feel strongly towards Suffragettes and the women who disobeyed authority - I love a rebel.

I count myself as a feminist. This does not mean I hate men, as that in fact is not what a feminist is. I believe in equality for the sexes, and independence from each other is sometimes essential in life. I believe in the human desire for love but I also believe that relying on someone for everything is not very fulfilling. I believe I have a right to my own body and I should make my own choices - however daft they might be sometimes.

Caitlin Moran has only recently become one of my role models, after reading her book 'How to build a girl' earlier this month. The book tells the story of struggling adolescent Johanna Morrigan and her transition into becoming 'Lady Sex-Adventurer' Dolly Wilde. The book speaks to young women on a huge scale and made me want to learn more about this talented woman.

While researching her on line, I found her column in the Times which fills me with delight every time I read it. She has become a huge feminist icon within the UK and is taking America by storm, with critics likening her to Lena Dunham. She has struck people with her passion for feminism and is urging others to take up the cause after find out only 42% of women in the UK count themselves as a feminist.

She is currently created a fundraising single entitled #HelpIsComing along with Benedict Cumberbatch and other celebrities to help with the refugee crisis that is occurring at the moment. She has achieved this in eight days which shows her determination and creativity, along with her passion to do something good.

She is a passionate writer and a passionate person and I hope someday to meet her.

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