Friday, 4 September 2015

I have found myself a library...

Hello Lovelies!

I now reside in the charming city of Liverpool and I have been trying to find a place to explore since lectures don't start till the end of September. 

I have been researching on my terribly slow internet to see if there actually is a library around, as I cannot access Netflix at the moment - see 'terribly slow internet' for reference. 

I stumbled upon Central Library on Google and decided that today I was going to venture there, bag full of gossip magazines and tins of soup (4 for £3 - bargain) and find myself something to read. 

As I walked through the doors, I think I must have let out a gasp because the Asian girl who had entered next to me looked concerned. I smiled sweetly and made a beeline for the 'New Books' section. This library is huge compared to ones I've visited before. There is four floors with different reading rooms, like the one I am sat in now.

I will not lie to you, I actually felt tears prickling in my eyes as I walked into the silence. Here in this room are books upon books, metal spiral staircases that reach higher shelves and comfy little seats where a writer like me can sit for hours and work at her craft. 

I can tell you now, my beloved readers, places like this are so full of history and knowledge, full of emotion that it's hard not to get choked up when you visit them. I would happily say this is the closest to at home I have felt since moving and I fully intend to take advantage of this beautiful, beautiful library. 

If you live in/ are visiting Liverpool, why don't you come and check it out? You might find me hiding in a corner with a pile of books like a little library elf. 

Thanks for reading, 


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