Sunday, 9 August 2015

What's in my handbag?

Hello Lovelies!

As we move into the glorious month of August, I decided to give you guys another peek into my private life with a 'what's in my handbag?' post. So, let's get started!

The Bag 

I've never really been a bag girl, I would borrow them from my mother or sisters and wouldn't really care what colour they were or what condition they were in (I know, such a terrible fashion blogger). But a few months back, I've purchased a River Island satchel in black and white. It's cute, suits every colour I wear and fits everything I need.

My Purse

My god I need a new purse. I've had this black purse for about three years and I bought it in TK Maxx for £5, purely because of the amount of card slots there were. I am card crazy - loyalty cards, stamp cards - anything that gets me a discount. So this purse was just perfect, although I am looking to upgrade. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments!


I have a thing for lipsticks, especially MAC. I have actually converted a friend of mine (Hi Em!) to the MAC side early this year and she now has got even more than me! In my bag currently there is about three lipsticks. MAC Brave, Chanel Coco Shine in rendez-vous and MAC Hang up. I have to be prepared for every situation so these colours are all needed in everyday life.


They aren't my sunglasses though. They're my little sister's as I can never find good one and she's great at it! The ones I currently have are black and slightly round, they suit my face perfectly, so thanks Ellie!

Antibacterial Handwash

You have to carry this stuff! What if something gross touches you?

Tangle Teaser

My hair can get really messy and my tangle teaser keeps everything in check! I own te black one but they come in a variety of colours such as blue, pink and purple! This god sent has saved me multiple times.

So that's what's in my handbag guys, hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!


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