Monday, 17 August 2015

Little dessert shop review:

Hello Lovelies! 

Since I've been working so much lately, it's been hard to see my girlfriends. So we decided a few weeks back to visit the new craze that has hit Wolverhampton. The Little Dessert Shop on Queen street. 

We'd seen as heard nothing but good things about this place and couldn't wait to eat our weight in dessert, the dream right? 

It took 15 minutes to be sat and they had ran out of menus so the three of us shared, which wasn't very professional but we made it work. I decided to order the waffle covered in chocolate and strawberries with a scoop of brownie ice cream and a Galaxy shake. 

The waffle itself was scrumptious, the strawberries were fresh and the ice cream scoop was incredible. The waffle itself could have been a bit warmer but it's was overall a pleasant experience. 

The milkshake was delicious too, creamy and yummy. My friend Emily had a Terry's Chocolate Orange one and that was absolutely amazing! I would have had that one again and again. 

Overall the experience was pleasant and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I would like to visit there again. 

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