Sunday, 9 August 2015

Flat tour;

Hello Lovelies!

Back in August I travelled up to Liverpool to pick up the keys for my new flat, and a month later I have finally moved in!

It's taken a while but now everything is in place and I can't wait to show you!

This is my little display on the top of my drawers, which consists of my various perfumes, my penny jar and my naked smoky pallette. I also have a black Moschino purse on there that was given to me by my parents.

The perfumes I own are Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, Calvin Klein Down Town and Chanel Chance Eau Tendre. I have a few because some days you feel like different scents, some are more fancy than others. I also have a photo of Jess, Em and I which was gifted to me for my 19th by Jess. Such a cute photo! 

Now moving on to the kitchen! My kitchen is only tiny but it's so well furnished and stylish! 

Here's my favourite part of the kitchen - the kettle and my coffee mug! I am obsessed with coffee and tea and can go through up to 5 a day so having all of this stuff right where I can see it is handy. My sugar jar was £1.99 at Home Bargains - cheap and stylish! My mug says "Goodmorning My girl" in Greek and it's my favourite mug because it reminds me of my family and the motherland Cyprus. 

My window is decorated with little lanterns which I bought from Primark, and there's also a decorative tea cup I got from the British Heart Foundation and  a wooden figure my mom got me for when I first started uni. 

Here's my bed guys! My sheets are from Amazon and primark, the pillows are primark and the orca is from the West Midlands Safari Park. Why the orca? you may ask, but orcas are my favourite animal so I needed a cuddly one for my new flat. My sheets are so warm and comfy and I spend most of my time here, lounging on my bed. 

And last but not least, my nightstand. This is where I keep all my books, my IPad and my other orca plush that Elliot got me for Valentine's Day (told you - obsessed). 

So there's my little house guys! Hope you all enjoyed a little look into my life, I certainly enjoyed tidying up so I don't look like a slob...

I'm also going to be starting a section on my blog entitled "Life in Liverpool" which will be giving reviews of anywhere I visit and giving advice on what to do with your visit to the city! 

Thanks for reading, 


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