Sunday, 2 August 2015

5 night out essentials:

Hello Lovelies!

Today I was browsing on the wonderful world of on line shopping, looking for my outfit for the #PRExamplesparty that I am attending at the end of August, and I started thinking about the things I need with me on big nights out. So here's a list of what I take out with me!

1.) Party feet gel cushions

You know when you go out in heels because you want to look sexy, but then end up walking down the street clutching your heels in one hand and a kebab in the other? Yeah, not as sexy. But these little gel cushions are amazing and make your feet feel amazing so you can socialise all night long! Buy them here !

2.) Tit tape

Ladies, we have all been there. You chose a dress that is all tits and so tight that you can't wear a bra. Don't worry! Stick on some body tape by Eylure and you'll stay in place and off display! Buy them here !

3.) Breath mints/ lip balm

If you're going to an event then these two are essential for keep your smile perfect and your breath smelling fresh. I'd say the best lip balms at the moment are the EOS lip sphere which you can purchase from amazon (here)

4.) Business Cards

Recently I had some business cards updated for my blog, to be handed out to potential partners and hopeful followers. These are a great thing to carry at work functions to ensure you get yourself out there. Try for some great designs!

5.) A compact mirror

This is purely for safety, to make sure your eyelashes haven't fallen off, that there's no lippy on your teeth and your hair is still where you left it. Do a quick check before walking into the function and ensure your colleagues first impression is positive and that you look flawless!

Hopefully you will all heed my advice and rock any function's you're attending will be amazing and you'll get what you wanted!

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