Thursday, 27 August 2015

20 goals to achieve by 20;

Hello Lovelies!

As you know if you read my blog, I celebrated my nineteenth birthday this past weekend and since then I have been thinking about everything I want to accomplish before I reach twenty. Some things are to do with everyday life and some are career orientated, but I am determined to achieve all of them. So here's my list of  '20 goals to achieve by 20'.

1. Be confident in your work 

I have always worried that my work wasn't good enough, leading me to panic and often start over again when halfway through a task. This year I want to feel good about my work and be confident that I can achieve good grades from it.

2. Interview a famous person

By famous I'm not saying I want to interview Beyonce, just someone who is high up in their field of work, could be a PR professional or maybe a celebrity. Either way I'd like to learn more interviewing skills to develop myself as a journalist.

3. Get 15,000 views on 'Diary of a PR girl' 

I already have received just under 5,000 views on my blog in the past few months so I feel confident that this goal is achievable. All I need to do is create content that you will enjoy and all you need to do is keep reading!

4. Find a focus/genre for this blog

This blog was originally made to be a platform for my PR work but has recently morphed into a lifestyle blog/ platform for my journalism. I can't promise that it will be a complete focus but I'll try and keep it to a certain genre.

5. Learn Greek 

This is a big one for me. Being Greek Cypriot and not being able to understand the language is so bad. I intend to speak it to a basic level and to continue until I'm as fluent as my dad.

6. Work hard at assignments

Not going to lie to you, I slacked off quite a lot in first year, which I do not recommend. I did learn a lot of things through my first year but I intend to put passion and knowledge into all my assignments.

7. Achieve a 2:1 in second year

Aim high kids, aim high.

8. Develop my writing skills

I want to learn different techniques of journalism and develop them, in order to make myself a well rounded writer. Journalism is about versatility and I hope to achieve a high level of that in order to receive a career in this field.

9. Get work experience

The reasons for this are so I can gain vocational knowledge from actual journalists who have worked for an array of media outlets and to write on my CV that I have used initiative and I am very passionate about becoming a journalist.

10. Learn to budget

I am sorting out my own rent this year as I am living alone, so budgeting my money is an essential skill I have to have in order to be able to put food on the table and buy train tickets to uni. Any tips on budgeting would be appreciated.

11. Start up a student newspaper

This is an idea that I have had through the summer. Hopefully I will be collaborating with Edge Hill Student's union to create a new voice for the students from the students. Watch this space!

12. Find a hobby

Something to keep my mind busy and active when I'm not writing assignments. I've always enjoyed creative hobbies so I think I'm going to look into that and find something I'm interested in.

13. Read at least 20 books

I am a huge bibliophile and since going to university I stopped reading as much. So this year I intend to read at least 20 books, a huge mix of classics and news so I can fall back in love with the written word.

14. Be responsible

I'm an adult now, it's time to sort my life out and start leaning to do things alone. How scary, how exciting.

15. Don't be afraid to speak up in class

This should be on everyone's list. Even if you're wrong you've still given it a go! I intend to start answering questions more in class and being a more interactive learner.

16. Read the recommended material

I didn't do this last year and missed out on a lot of references and case studies which could have got me a much better grade. Recommended material is there for a reason, use it!

17. Go on a city break 

Paris, Amsterdam, Rome...anywhere filled with culture, good food and beautiful history. I need to get out of the UK.

18. Grow my hair

My hair has been short forever and now I want it long and lustrous, like a mermaid.

19. Re-read 'Tabloid Girl' 

Probably the reason that I want to be a journalist. Sharon Marshall is a brilliant writer and journalist, I adored every word of her book and want to read it again and again.

20. Be happy

This will be on every goal list I ever make. It's the most important thing in life to me and currently happiness is serving me quite well.

Make your own goal lists guys and help yourself focus on your dreams/goals.

Thanks for reading!


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