Saturday, 25 July 2015

Twenty things you didn't know about me;

Hello Lovelies!

Today I thought I'd write a post to give you some insight into my life, seeing as you might not actually know much about me personally.

So here's twenty things you didn't know about me!
  1. My eyes are dark brown.
  2. I only like cheese when it's melted, my worst nightmare is a cheese sandwich *gags*.
  3. I have no allergies to any food (lucky me) but I do get hayfever.
  4. I once drove my mother's car into the wall that separates our drive from our neighbour's.
  5. I get cravings for coca cola, like really really bad.
  6. My favourite shop right now is Lush cosmetics. 
  7. I have my tongue web (frenulum) pierced. That's the bit under my tongue, it's rocking.
  8. I have a huge vendetta against most TV presenters - I just really dislike them.
  9. I check my blog stats around eight times a day.
  10. My shoe size is a 4/5.
  11. I played Father Christmas in my Year 2 school play.
  12. I like snakes, but I'm still freaked out by spiders.
  13. My first pet of my own was a Black Moor goldfish called Joker. RIP.
  14. I still play Sims 3.
  15. My birth date is 22nd August 1996.
  16. I have three tattoos, a daisy between the back of my shoulder blades, a Hindi word on my ankle and a Greek 'X' on my ribs. 
  17. My Dad is Greek-Cypriot, he's from Cyprus.
  18. I have dyed my hair most colours, including bright Rihanna red.
  19. I sing and have grades 4 and 5 in musical theatre, both at distinction level (brag).
  20. I love writing and I have written several short stories and started books.
There's a few things about me so you can get to know me better!

Thanks for reading,


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