Monday, 6 July 2015

Skincare routine:

Hello Lovelies!

Today I'm going to tell you a little about my new skincare routine which features cruelty-free products that work wonders. 

I currently am suffering from huge breakouts all over my forehead and chin, now this could be down to several things, a hormonal imbalance, sweating, eating fatty foods, stress...or a combination of all four!

I've never really had spots except for the odd one so this breakout definitely needed action. So I decided to up my skincare routine and show you all! 

1.) Get that makeup off! At university especially I would fall asleep with a full face of foundation and powder which did not do my skin any favours. I know scrub off any excess makeup with t-zone exfoliating wipes (if I'm feeling lazy) or a face cleanser.

2.) Cleanse. I now use the 'Deep action blackhead clearing cleansing scrub' by Superdrug. I simply splash my face with warm water and apply the product with my fingers focusing on my forehead and around my nose (blackhead city). 

3.) Face wash. Next I take my "Tea Tree lemon facial wash" by Superdrug and put a pea sized amount onto my Foxnovo electric face brush (OK, it's my sisters but mine is in the post). This brush helps clear pores, exfoliate the dead skin and remove excess oils in the skin. It feels amazing and I would recommend it for anyone, they've even got them in blue for you lads! 

4.) Moisturiser. I have very dry skin on my face so I try to moisturise every few days, especially in winter! When I do moisturise, I use Superdrug's vitamin E moisture mask. This moisturiser should only be used in small amounts because too much can make your face greasy. 

Now everyone knows how I achieve soft and healthy skin! Why don't you go and buy them to try for yourself and let me know the results?

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