Monday, 6 July 2015

People can be mean;

Hello Lovelies!

Today I thought I'd address a more serious topic with you all.

In my nineteen years on this planet I have come to realise that people can be cruel, horrible, jealous, selfish and just downright awful sometimes.

I have experienced this sort of behaviour in my life multiple times and thankfully I have overcome it. Sadly, there are some people who never recover and this is for them, I guess.

In life, there is always going to be someone who wants you to hurt. Be it an ex, a family member, a friend, even someone on the street could make you feel inferior to them just because they can. As children, we pick out flaws in each other, that we didn't know existed until someone else pointed them out.

For me, this was the fact that I was a redhead, or a 'ginger' as I got labelled at the age of twelve. This mutated gene which affects thousands of the human population was suddenly an insult and I began feeling very bad about myself.

This insecurity continued subconsciously through my teens, I remember being embarrassed of my red hair and continuously dying my hair a dull brown, dark red, purple, anything but ginger.

But then one day I realised that my hair was unique and that colour was what made me feel special. I embraced my insecurity and began letting my colour show and now I even dye my hair a more vibrant red to enhance the beautiful colour I've began to love.

The message behind that anecdote is that people are mean, yes, but you can rise above and become stronger than them. You decide your own destiny, your own story is only written once and you don't want to be worrying that each chapter 'could have been better' than the last. Keep your head up and make yourself into the best person you could be.

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