Monday, 27 July 2015

My aspirations for the upcoming year;

Hello Lovelies!

Today is a post about "getting things done" as it were - within my career and my personal life. 

I am very passionate about this blog and the love it receives, I've just hit over 2,000 views from all you lovely people, so thank you for that. 

But, I'm hungry for more now, so here's a list of what I want out of my blog for 2015-2016...

• Of course, I wish for my blog to get bigger, and to receive some more recognition from higher levels, for example, newspapers and maybe some celebrities (a girl can dream). 

• To receive over 5,000 views would be just delightful, showing people actually want to read my stuff and appreciate what I do.

• To attend a press launch for an upcoming film or book, it would be a great way for a small town girl like me to push her blog up! 

• To review more restaurants. Just because of yummy food and dressing up. 

• To work harder at pursuing my goals, it's not going to come and hit me in the face, I've gotta work for it. 

• To visit another country and write about it. Unfortunately, funds are quite low right now but as soon as I can I'll be on a plane outta here. 

• To experience new things. Eat weird things, try new shops, make new friends. Create memorable experiences for myself every time I walk out of the house.

There's so much more I want to do, but if I wrote it down none of you would have any surprises when reading! 

Also guys, write comments, positive or negative, a comment to me shows that people out there are interested! 

Tell your friends and family how awesome I am (lie if you need to).

Thanks for reading, 


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