Friday, 24 July 2015

I survived my first year of uni;

Hello Lovelies!

Just a little post today about my overall opinion of my first year at Edge Hill University. As most of you know, I study Public Relations there, which is endlessly interesting and informative and makes me so happy (most days). I felt quite a few emotions throughout my year at uni, but it ended for the better.

I enjoyed living with people from different places and picking up words from different dialects. We had some amazing nights out in Alpine (the coolest club in Ormskirk), went dancing in Superstar Boudoir and Baa Bar. I smile while I think of how much fun I'm going to have with these amazing people next year!

So here's a thank you to...

Beth J, Beth P-J, Chloe, Caroline, Lore, Holly, Caitilin, Izzy and everyone else in the PR class who made me feel so welcome and made me laugh throughout!

See you all in September!


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