Friday, 24 July 2015

Having a couple's night in;

Hello Lovelies!

Now I'm sorry to my single readers but today's post is about my experiences with a couple's night in!

Elliot and I have been very busy lately, with him finishing his dissertation for his Master's and starting his new job and me starting my summer job, so we've definitely needed a night in to just chill and reconnect.


We are big takeaway junkies so home cooking is never really on the menu when we see each other, it's a miracle we aren't obese. Although home cooking does have it's perks. You can get creative, cook together, create a recipe and just experiment with different food! This could open doors to trying new things with your partner, e.g. I hated pate before I met Elliot and now it's my starter at most meals!


Choose movies that you're both fans of, don't make him sit through Mean Girls unless he absolutely insists on it (some guys do). Find common ground when choosing film genres when you first start dating and as the relationship progresses expand that genre to watch more and more together.

Pamper/treat yourselves: 

This is something most guys are scared to admit to but, they love a good pamper! Seriously, ask your boyfriend if he'd like a massage or a facial some time. It gives them a chance to put down the manly weight they carry and a chance for you to use all your beauty goo (cleanser, moisturizer etc.,) on someone other than yourself!

If that's not your thing, then maybe you're both into health? Couples can indulge themselves in a cheat day together - I'm thinking chocolate cake, ice cream, no limits! Show him you can eat like a horse and he'll love you even more (at least I hope he will).

Make time for your partners people! Especially as you get older, making your time together memorable and special is essential in making sure you both stay happy and in love! 

Thanks for reading, have a great night!


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