Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Five blogs that I absolutely love;

Hello Lovelies!

I believe it's a great thing to read and show appreciation for other people's hard work, because it gives them encouragement which everyone wants and it makes you known to them so they can reciprocate your love, (it's all very loving).

Since joining Bloglovin' I have been reading quite a lot of different blogs that I find interesting, so I thought I'd share my list of my top 5 with you all!

#5 Circle of Chaos - www.circleofchaos.blogspot.co.uk

Vanessa is a German fashion blogger who has the cutest style and writes beautifully and in detail about all of her finds. She's not like all the other fashion bloggers out there, in my opinion, because she has her own style, which is classy and so elegant. I recommend her post entitled 'Ladylike' - that outfit blew my mind.

#4 Briar Rose - www.thebriarroseblog.com

Megan is just so lovely! When I'm having a bad day I like to read her posts because they're so honest and happy. She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who talks about her home, her husband Grant (adorbs) and cosplay - all of which she does beautifully! Her hair also gives me envy on another level.

#3 Sincerely Amy - www.sincerelyamy.com 

If you're interested in Theatre, then this is the blog for you! Amy is the resident blogger for the Birmingham Hippodrome, so she gets backstage info on all the top shows out!
Amy's blog is probably the reason I continued writing my blog. I know her personally and her personality is shown perfectly through her words. She's a great girl and her travel vlogs are so fun to watch! Find her on Youtube at 'sincerely amy'. You'll thank me later.

#2 Career Girl Daily - www.careergirldaily.com

If you're an independent woman with your business head on then this is a blog for you! Celina has so many helpful tips and tricks on interviews, pitching and even looking the part so you ace whatever you're applying for! This is my go-to for lots of blog help and my career.

#1 Milk bubble tea - www.milkbubbletea.com

This girl can write! I love her happy and honest style and her little dachshund Oscar (dog envy right there). She writes recipes, hauls and updates about her lovely life. She's definitely a favourite and her blog name is cute too!

These blogs were all found on Bloglovin' and I'm so glad I did because they make life a little less boring when I read from their pages. Now go follow them too and tell them I sent you!

Thanks for reading!


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