Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Does this offend you? A PR perspective;

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As I was perusing over my Twitter feed, I came across the story about Ymre Stekiema and a 'controversial' photograph of her using the Bugaboo running stroller while running with her daughter.

This photograph has started a huge debate on line ranging from 'put some clothes on' to 'you go girl!', with each comment sparking new debate about the fact that she is slim and has a child.

Some claim that the negative comments come from jealous women who are not working out after having their children, and some claim that the photographs are not helping the 'target demographic' who may have softer bodies due to carrying a child.

In my opinion, the comments are not looking at all the facts here.

Firstly, her background. Stekiema is a model, which means genetically she will going to be slimmer than the average woman. She needs to look slim for her career. Her partner is also a personal trainer meaning he probably, alike most PT's in couples, encourages her to train with him. Her father is also a marathon runner and she describes herself as an avid runner.

Secondly, her daughter is two! She has probably been working out a lot over those two years post- natal and got herself back into shape. She is not trying to say 'I just had a baby and I now look like this!' because that's simply not true.

From a PR perspective, this photograph may go either way. It may inspire some mothers to start jogging and buy the product (Bugaboo running stroller) in order to run with their children. Celebrity endorsement can sometimes increase product sales because people want to become better or more like their admired celebrity for example, the sales of MAC lip liner sky-rocketed when Kylie Jenner began lining her lips. However this also may start a negative appeal, worst case scenario starting a boycott of the product until they find a 'suitable' spokesperson.

In my opinion, these photos are not offensive at all, and people need to look at the bigger picture before they start mocking and posting when they do not have the facts. All I see is a mother running with her child, but what do you see?

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