Thursday, 30 July 2015

A day in my life: Day off edition

Hello Lovelies!

Tuesday was my day off this week and since I really want you all to get to know me, I thought I'd show you what I do! 


Two slices of 50/50 toast with crunchy peanut butter and raspberry jam and a nice cup of tea.

Im not really much of a breakfast person, but I will say that this combination is one of my favourites! Perfect start for my lazy day.


When I have any free time now it's dedicated to writing for you guys! I want to keep my blog flowing and make sure I upload content as much as I can. I currently have over twenty drafts pending and I'm so excited to share them with you all. I use this time to promote my posts on my social media sites (see contact me page) and check the stats and read comments you leave me! 


Even on lazy days, a shower is high up on my priority list, it makes me feel fresh and much better about myself. I exfoliate my face (see skin routine here) and then brush my teeth (mm, minty fresh)! I've decided not wear make up today, to let my skin breathe a little.


I'm currently reading 'the devil wears prada' (review coming Friday!) so I've taken  this day to really get through it. It's so good and I can't put it down! Reading is definitely a big thing on lazy days, as it keeps my brain working even though I'm feeling sluggish. This with a cup of tea and some yummy snacks (banana and peanut butter) is just a day off heaven! 

I also need some suggestions of some books to purchase, any suggestions leave them in the comments!

Elliot's home!

Elliot has been at work today so now he's back its time to chill out and wind down. He's got some university work to do so I take this bit of time to watch some TV and browse social media, (I live on the Internet). I also decided to restart an on line fitness class called Blogilates, created by YouTube fitness guru Cassey Ho. It's so great to get your blood pumping and work on toning your body. 

I love meditation and pilates so I'll try my best to find you guys some tips and tricks to stay flexible and healthy! 


After my workout, I'm starving so it's time for Elliot and I to make dinner. We actually decided on making a veggie curry out of things we found in the fridge! Recipe coming soon!


Bedtime for us is usually around 11.30pm, we've both got to get up early and one of us doesn't enjoy the mornings *cough* Elliot *cough*, so it's time to settle down. Sometimes we watch a movie, or just do some last minute things ready for the morning. Tonight I'm having an Options hot chocolate so I fall asleep peacefully. Night night x

So there's a basic outline of what I do during a lazy day/ day off! What do you do to relax when you're not working?

Thanks for reading, 


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