Sunday, 26 April 2015

Book Review: The Opposite of Loneliness

Hello Lovelies!

Today I decided to review a book. 

The book I chose was on a whim, I was circling Waterstone's looking for something that jumped out at me, when I saw a blue book with a pretty girl on the front. I picked it up and ran my hand over the front and back, reading the blurb. 

The author of this book "The opposite of loneliness" was 22 year old Marina Keegan, a graduate of Yale, who died 5 days after in a car accident. 

Of course, this was a tragic loss, but as I read the reviews, I could tell this book wasn't published just because she had died, as a pity publishing. 

This girl was good! 

Marina's writing is so honest and real, both in her fiction and her non-fiction. She captures the mind of our generation brilliantly and she tells the truth. Not many young adults can do that. 

The book consists of essays and stories that Marina wrote over her years at Yale, and I read them all, my favourites being "The opposite of loneliness", "Cold Pastoral" and "Why we care about whales". 

She was an inspiring writer and it pains me, as I'm sure it does the rest of the world, that her time was cut short. 

She has definitely inspired me and hopefully her words will resound in your heads too. 

Thanks for reading! 

J x 

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