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My Interview with Crosby Noricks;

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As a budding Public Relations student hoping to score my dream job in the fashion industry, my work aspiration was no question. Crosby Noricks, founder of ‘Fashion PR’s #1 haute spot’, is an innovative fashion strategist whose website is a bible to the hopeful fashion PR students of the world, including me! Not to mention that she has her own book Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide for breaking into Fashion PR.
I recently caught up with the woman who can do it all and between my girlish screams of ‘Crosby Noricks spoke to me!’ and running around my flat, I got to ask her some burning questions I’d been wanting answered.

What made you want to work in Fashion PR?
 I didn't truly discover public relations until graduate school, but was instantly excited about the opportunity to work in a field that combined business strategy with writing and creative campaign ideas. I'd always been interested in fashion and was especially interested in how I could use PR skills to help designers experience more success.

Why did you start
 While completing my Master's Thesis in fashion PR, I found that there wasn't very much about it online (or offline in my PR textbooks or academic/trade journals, but that's another issue entirely!) and I found that frustrating as someone who was exploring this avenue as a potential career. I started the site mainly as a way to share what I knew from my research, what I was experiencing working in-house for a jewellery company, and to connect with other publicists and like-minded people with similar interests.

Where in the world do you think the most jobs are in fashion PR? Considering the fashion capitals of the world (Paris, Milan etc.,) are in Europe?
 Hmm - that's a bit of a hard one as I haven't spent nearly enough time connecting with fashion publicists in Europe. In the United States it is definitely New York and Los Angeles, with London, Paris and Milan definitely up there in Europe.

Do you think there's many differences in Fashion PR in the USA and Fashion PR in the UK?
Fashion PR is much better known in the UK (my first introduction to it was actually as a study abroad student at the London College of Fashion during my undergrad). Here we never refer to someone as "a Fashion PR." I think that the history and legacy of luxury fashion in Europe has created more of a defined role within Fashion Communications - it's a bit more ‘Wild West’ over here.
5.) Any advice for students who want to work in Fashion PR?
 I'm encouraged by all the ways that digital communication tools - from social media to blogs - allow us to communicate and connect. My biggest piece of advice is to begin to define the direction you want your career to take by intentionally building a personal brand online and connecting with the right people through authentic, shared interests and curiosity. And of course, follow PR Couture!

Well there you have it, some great advice and knowledge from one of the best brains in fashion PR! Her book is a complete bible as well on how to achieve your goals in the fashion industry! I’ve got mine, have you got yours?

By Joanna Xiourouppa
Edge Hill University, 1st Year

I hope you all enjoyed that little interview! I'm attempting to get some more as this year continues.

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