Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Secrets of the PR girl

Hello Lovelies!

I thought today I'd address the question I get asked most regularly;

"Why did you choose PR?"

A very good question, and to answer it I thought I'd use someone else's opinions, since you're probably sick of me gabbing on about myself!

So I decided to put my PR hat on and conduct some interviews on my lovely and fashionable PR girls who I have the pleasure of working with at Edge Hill. So here's some interviews I conducted with my lovelies Holly, Beth and Lore.

So girls, what made you want to work in Public Relations?

B: I used to work in a outdoor shop at home, so I had to keep thinking of ways to keep people interested. Personally, I think that I just love the idea of creating something that the public will enjoy. I also like the social media aspect.

H: Same, I worked in a PR consultancy back home, called Cream Consultancy and they taught me a lot, so I thought I'd become more qualified and get a degree.

L: I didn't even know what it was, but my Dad mentioned it, saying that I'd be really good at it. So I decided to research it and fell in love.

I always wanted to be doing something different and interesting everyday! What kind of PR do you want to go into?

H: I think I want to be an all-rounder! I enjoy all the sectors of PR and would love to be part of all of them.

B: I'm currently still undecided! There's so many different branches of PR to go into, I'm leaning towards events PR but I'm still choosing.

L: It's between celebrity and consumer PR. I wouldn't mind b2b either, but politics is a big fat no.

It's amazing how many different ways we could go with this degree! Right now, here's some fashion questions! What's your favourite clothing shop and why?

L: That's hard! I LOVE Zara but I can't always afford it. I also really like UniQlo and H&M which are way more affordable.

H: I think New Look is my favourite because it's affordable on student budget and it's still fashionable!

B: I have two favourites. Forever 21 and Jack Wills. Jack Wills for the classy, traditional feel of the clothing and Forever 21 for its edgy hidden gems you can find in there! AND it's reasonably priced!

Interesting that all of us have such different tastes isn't it? Okay, what's your favourite trend that's emerged this winter?

B: Those high neck polo jumpers are the best! And I love the colours that are in right now, especially the greens and the burgundy! Winter is just my favourite because I love chunky knits!

L: My ideal winter outfit would to be a black polo neck jumper, black or dark brown cotton bottoms- I love to be comfortable - knee high boots and a fur coat.

H: I went to New Look the other day and bought a gorgeous pair of ripped skinnies! They're everywhere!

Thanks for those girls, now last question...any advice for the kids who might be studying PR in the upcoming years?

L: Be prepared to write about things you don't want to write about - but always do it the best you can!

B: I'd probably say that you shouldn't leave assessments to the last minute! Make time for them, and work hard so you can play hard with your friends!

H: I'm gonna be the cheesy one and say follow your dreams and be ambitious and you'll get there!

Thanks guys!

Hopefully the girls have given you some help and you still want to study PR! The girls will be featured in my posts again so you can get to know them better!

Thank you for reading and I'll see you soon!

J x

P.S I've got some wonderful things in the works so watch this space lovelies!

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