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PR Stereotypes; Fact or Fiction?

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First, I have some wonderful news, student PR magazine 'Behind the spin' have chosen my blog as one of the #bestPRblogs of this week! I'm the only one from Edge Hill on the list and I honestly could not contain my excitement and I am very grateful to my tutor Paula and the editor of BTS Richard Bailey for putting me in, hopefully it won't be the last time you see me in there either!

Today I thought I'd address the stereotypes that this world have deemed acceptable to be used when referring to the occupation of a PR.

People in my university are studying subjects that they deem are 'harder' than my course. I disagree that my course is not challenging because it is! Multiple deadlines, terminology and vocational skills are present, and I think people think I do nothing at all towards my degree. I work hard at my course in order to get the best possible grade I can and I am sure the people studying subjects like Criminology and Psychology also study like I do in order to achieve. Regardless of what course we do, we all got into university and deserve our places.

Okay, rant over. Over to the stereotypes of PR.

PR people just throw parties...
False. PR is about creating a positive public image for a client or company. You need to have many more skills than just being able to throw together a party such as damage control, reporting and liaising with journalists.

PR people drink copious amounts of coffee...
False..ish. I myself have a beautiful relationship with a Starbucks soy mocha latte that no one, not even me, understands. But not all the PR pros are addicted to caffeine.

PR is a female profession...
Nope. This is based on the fact that most of the PR practitioners are female. It's definitely not a girl's profession just as being a soldier or a firefighter is not just a male profession. Men are welcomed into this profession with open arms!

PR people are liars...
False or'll never know. Some people believe that PR people are definite liars and use their 'spin doctor' ways to promote mass corporations. Personally, this has never really occurred to me that they are liars, just there to do a job.

Working in PR is just like Samantha Jones in 'Sex and the city'...
False. I absolutely adored Samantha in SATC and if I'm completely honest, her influence is what made me research public relations in more depth. It wasn't because of the parties, it was more about the control she possessed over any situations during an event and social skills wonderfully portrayed by Kim Catrall that really made me wonder about the wonderful, wonderful career choice. So no, it's not just like Samantha, it's 100% better.

There's a few stereotypes I think really made me raise my eyebrow. I hope this helped any students who are still unsure about this career. My advice is to do lots of research on the career and be 100% sure on what you want to do. This career is hard work but also has some amazing perks!

Thank you for reading, I'll see you soon!


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