Saturday, 22 November 2014

I got published!

Hello Lovelies!

Got some absolutely wonderful news that's been under wraps for a while!

After being published as a #bestPRblogs on 'Behind the spin' PR magazine, the editor was kind enough to ask me to write an article about fashion PR and try and get some interviews!

I knew straightaway who I wanted to interview; PR Goddess Crosby Noricks.

But of course, I am just one little woman who had zero contacts and no idea how to even get on the radar of such a busy woman. Luckily I was fortunate enough to find her e-mail (hallelujah) and I sent her all my hope and a slightly begging email asking if she'd do an interview with me for Behind the spin...

Days went by and I assumed she was far too busy to interview with me...but then at 3am on morning, while I was finishing up an assignment (aah,student life), I got an email...FROM CROSBY!

I may or may not have screamed and woke my flatmates up, thinking I was being murdered.

After a few e-mails and my constant splutters of "you are the best" from me, Crosby agreed and I had the task of interviewing the most awesome woman in fashion PR!

You can read my interview by the end of the weekend at 

And don't forget to follow Crosby at ! 

Thanks for reading!


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