Saturday, 25 October 2014

Autumn favourites;

Hello Lovelies!

Joanna here and I know I said I'd be posting on Mondays and Thursdays but I was so excited to do my first fashion PR post that I couldn't wait!

Autumn is my favourite time of year because of the beautiful colours, Halloween, Bonfire Night and of course the Fall/Winter lines coming out!

Now first, let's talk about the colours which are in season...

Neutral tones Everyone is wearing soft tones such as white, camel, beige, and cream to name a few, adding a splash of light break in this season's usual dark wardrobe.

Burgundy My personal favourite. Nothing says Autumn days like a chunky knit burgundy pullover and a pair of black skinnies. The colour, even worn as a lipstick, gives a warm feeling to any outfit you wear this season.

Green Not the lime greens of spring and summer. I'm thinking moss, sage and olive. Dark colours that highlight skin tone and freckles and everything cute and wonderful about this time.

And now lets talk about the clothing...

Ripped Skinnies These little guys seem to be worming their way into every high street store's autumn line. Topshop, I don't think, are even selling jeans without the distressed knees!
I'm not complaining though, these jeans are exactly was is needed for this season to go with the grungy colours and style of this year. My favourites are at Topshop for £42 or at for £25 today!

Poloneck A timeless classic has finally appeared back in our stores. Wear this with jeans, skirts, dungarees and even as a dress! I'll definitely be getting my hands on these soon! H&M are doing a fabulous line this Autumn and I urge you to check it out!

Capes The only way to keep fashion forward and cosy this season! Add a touch of high fashion flair to your wardrobe with these beautiful capes at River Island you will be the most sophisticated girl out there!

Now I know there's a lot more amazing things to discuss about the new season but I promise I'll get round to it!

I also have some news; on Friday the 5th of December I will be visiting Birmingham for the Clothes Show Live and I have Platinum tickets and brilliant seats for the show! So don't worry my fellow fashion lovers I will be documenting (and shopping) furiously to ensure I have some juicy fashion and beauty insights to give you all!

Anyway, Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon!

J x

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